Free Highest Paying Bitcoin adBTC Review 2022

adBTC Review 2022- The Highest Paying Bitcoin PTC But Not For Everyone
  • Rating: 4.50
  • Operator: Unknown
  • Country: Russia
  • Language: English
  • Start: 2016
  • Total Payouts: 13
  • Ref-Commision: 10 % from watching ads, 5 % from spendings for ads, 1 Satoshi per click on referral link.
  • Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
  • Claim Time (in min): 24 hours
  • Earnings: High
  • Captcha: No
  • Payout: automatically
  • Payout-Limit: 500 Satoshi to FaucetPay 33000 Satoshi directly to your wallet
  • Currency: Satoshi/Bitcoin 
  • Payout%: 100% Legit 

Good And Bad System About adBTC


+You can get up to 24 Satoshi for per ads.
+Don't bother keeping your tab in center.
+No fees for withdraw.
+No captcha.
+High paying ads .
+Best for referrals.
+Low payout amount.
+You can buy referrals


-Bad support system.
-Multiple account in single device is restricted.
-site does not open while using VPN.

Earnings Method In adBTC

-Surf ads 
-Surf ads Ruble
-Video ads
-Active window surfing
-Auto surfing

For advertiser

-Surf ads 
-Surf ads Ruble
-Video ads
-Active window surfing
-Auto surfing

What is adBTC?

The URL was enlisted in 2016 and is situated in Russia, however we know nothing else about the administrators of adBTC. Unfortunately, that is something typi
cal with spigots. In fact, adBTC has a spigot, yet it sucks. Take our for it, their spigot sucks a ton. Try not to utilize it. You acquire almost nothing and you need to tackle a shortlink. It's a finished exercise in futility. Yet, for what reason did we actually rate adBTC that high? Since the principal motivation behind adBTC isn't their spigots, it's their PTC advertisements. You click on their surf advertisements, stand by a couple of moments and procure Satoshis. A ton of Satoshis.

Earnings proof

Create an adBTC Account 

Visit the site. Click on signed with Google account. Choose your account and simply you will be logged in and you will get your dashboard.
adBTC sign up register

How to withdraw from

To withdraw click on the withdraw option. Now you will see many options for withdraw which include BTC address, FaucetPay, Payeer, WBTC polygon. But if you want to be advertiser, you can Move your money to advertising balance. For withdraw minimum amount, which is 500 Satoshi, you can go towards FaucetPay. 
But if you have any other wallet like coinbase, trust wallet, metamask then you have to earn a minimum of 3000 Satoshi to withdraw. Be sure to save your wallet address before withdrawing Satoshi.
Here are my some withdraw proof ⬇️
Abtc payment proof 2022
adBTC payment proof 2022

How to start earning from adBTC?

Click on the earn option now you can see many options. They are⬇️

Surf ads

Click on surf ads. Choose your Currency in which you want to earn Satoshi or Rubble.
Solve captcha and submit. Now a new dashboard will open. Click on open option and now you will be redirected to a new site wait for 15 second and come on your adBTC site. Now after every 15 second you will receive some amount of Satoshi.

Video ads 

Click on video ads. Watch video for few seconds and you will be rewarded for watching a video in Satoshi.

Active window ads

Active window ads is just link surf ads but in this you will see a line above site which indicates for second you have to wait on site.

Auto surfing ads

Auto surfing ads is a simple and easy method of earning in It doesn't required and work. Just click on auto Surfing ads and leave it. You will be rewarded for every 15 second. 

Short links

Short link is a complicated. I don't recommend you short link because in shower link there are many work but very few rewards.

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