New Gaming Project Claim 500$ NFT -

Myria has announced free-to-claim Alliance Sigil NFT for all new and existing community members

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Instant Claim 500$ Gaming NFT | New Gaming Project Claim 500$ NFT -

About Myria

Myria is the first Ethereum Layer two scaling solution built for gaming and claims free gaming NFT by completing simple tasks. The task includes creating an account, joining Discord, following and retweeting on Twitter, and many more. It is a cybernated asset trading and blockchain gaming site along with Myria Wallet, NFT Market Place, and Gaming Platform decentralized exchange.

It has declared to claim free gaming NFT for all its new users by completing a simple task. , Maximum it provides 3 NFT for free. ( It can be claimed multiple times in multiple accounts )

It has various games to play for free based on AAA blockchain games in the pipeline. Some popular games are Moonville Farm, Block Royale, Metakart, Metarush, Starstrike Legends, and many more.


Features of myria

  • 100% safe, secure, and trusted / legit.
  • 3 gaming NFT for free.
  • Simple tasks.
  • Receive points for completing each task.
  • 20 points for each referral.
  • No investment is needed.
  • Just complete 4 simple tasks and get 1 NFT free.
  • Claimed NFT will be shown in the inventory.
  • You can earn it by playing games.
  • You can earn a maximum of 500$ from this drop.
  • Myria token us coming soon.

Myria statistics


How to create an account?

Requirements for smartphone users.
Kiwi browsers
Metamask extension
Metamask Wallet with BNB smartchain

First, create a metamask account. If you have already, then it's good. Now, visit myria site. You will get the site dashboard, click on the Claim button. Now you will redirect to the next page so, click on connect wallet. After clicking on connect, the wallet approved the transaction. Confirm the confirmation then click on next choose your wallet and sign in to the site. Note: Be sure to connect a temporary wallet don't connect your wallet having a fund. Now your account id is successfully created. And you will receive your dashboard.


How to Claim Free Gaming NFT?

After creating an account and receiving the dashboard. You will see 3 NFTs so, choose 1 NFT which you want to get for free. After choosing your favorite NFT you will see the claim now button below the selected NFT. Click on Claim and you will be redirected to the new dashboard. Now you will see some simples task below by completing them you will get some points that are used for claiming NFT. In the same dashboard, you can see 3 NFTs above the tasks. The 1st NFT can be claimed by 20 points, 2nd for 50 points as well as 3rd for 100 points. So to claim those NFTs you have to complete some tasks at first.
Instant Claim 500$ Gaming NFT | New Gaming Project Claim 500$ NFT -

How to complete tasks?

  • Creat a myria account (5) points: click on create. Fill in the necessary information such as Name, Gmail, and Password, and confirm the Gmail.
  • Join Discord (5) points: join Discord and authorized it.
  • Follow on Twitter (5) points: Follow myria on Tweet.
  • Tweet post (5) points: Tweet the post on Twitter.
  • Invite friends (20) points: Invite your friends to Myria from your referrals link and make a creat account and complete some tasks.
  • Message to Discord (5) points: Visit myria to Discord and message them.
  • Message (15) points: Message to Myria from Discord daily.
  • Give ideas (10) points: share ideas to myria from Discord for their improvement and new option that should be added to their site.
  • Space lord Discord (100) points: Get or buy a space lord role on Discord.
  • Vote (5) points: vote on lord narrative.

Complete task

How to withdraw?

Withdraw information will be updated later so follow the site for the next article.

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