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FireFaucet Review 2022 - Earn Free Bitcoin With Click Ads And Mining

FireFaucet Review 2022 - Earn Free Bitcoin With Click Ads And Mining Fire Faucet Review - Worth Joining? (Full Details + Rating)

Hello Everyone! Today in this article we are going to Review FireFaucet which helps to Earn Free Bitcoin With Click Ads And Mining. The registration of new accounts is increasing day by day. People love to use this site because it pays a high amount of Bitcoin every minute by clicking ads and mining.

I cover everything about this site, so if you want to get updated information about FireFaucet, then visit my whole website. I uploaded Earning Free Cryptocurrency, Mining, Study Material, and Technical Ideas on my site. In my previous article, I mention New Gaming Project claims 500$ NFT. And today we are going to review FireFaucet.

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FireFaucet Review 2022 - Earn Free Bitcoin With Click Ads And Mining
FireFaucet Review 2022

About FireFaucet

  • Rating ~ 4.0 star
  • Operator ~ Unbekannt
  • Country ~ India
  • Start In ~ 2018
  • Language ~ English
  • Days Online ~ 1501
  • Referral Commission ~ 20%
  • Micro Wallet ~ FaucetPay
  • Users Registered ~ 959,838
  • Claim Time ~ 30min/ In mining 0.1 sec in FaucetPay
  • Earning ~ High
  • Captcha ~ Few
  • Payout ~ Automatically

             Regards Now

 What's FireFaucet?

FireFaucet is the best site that helps to earn free Cryptocurrency by watching and mining. It is not like normal faucet sites. It has enhanced features and many options than other faucet sites. It has many options for earning. 

It supports 12+ cryptocurrencies. It means their users can earn, withdraw and swap all Cryptocurrencies easily.

Pro- and Contra for


  • Support 12+ Cryptocurrency
  • Many options for earning 
  • Direct payment to the wallet
  • Crypto mining is available 
  • A level-up system with their bonuses
  • 20% Referrals commission + 5% deposit from referrals 
  • 1100 ACP sign-up bonus 
  • A paid membership is available 
  • No pop-ups ads
  • Fast payout


  • Many banner ads
  • Captcha
  • Time takes to load the site

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How can I earn cryptocurrencies at FireFaucet?

At first, you have to earn some Auto Claim Point(ACP) by watching ads, completing short links, filling out surveys, and doing other tasks.

For completing such tasks, you will reward some ACP. So, be sure to collect a lot of ACP tokens. To convert ACP into real money, you have to mine any Cryptocurrency. And mined Cryptocurrency will be automatically sent to your FireFaucet account. It can be directly sent to your faucet pay wallet.

FireFaucet Review 2022 - Earn Free Bitcoin With Click Ads And Mining

To convert ACP into real money you have to visit settings than in the 2nd option you can see FaucetPay Email, so put your FaucetPay Email address and click on save the change.

Then, visit your dashboard, and choose the Cryptocurrency which you want to mine. Then click on Start Auto Faucet. Now you will receive some amount of money every minute in your FaucetPay wallet. Let's keep your phone screen on and wait for the completion of ACP. After completing ACP, you can again earn it by completing a task and withdrawing like this.

See Best Alternative 

How can I get ACP at FireFaucet? All method explain

You can get ACP for free, ACP by completing some tasks. FireFaucet provides a lot of ways for earning ACP.

The tasks include Shortlinks, Survey, Faucet, OfferWalls, Tasks, and PTC.

Shortlinks :

Shortlinks is the highest paying ACP in FireFaucet. It is time-consuming and complicated for beginners. But depending upon the Shortlinks you can get 50 - 80 ACP. And if you complete a Shortlink you will receive a 1% bonus for the next Shortlink. The bonus resets daily.

Faucet :

Faucet is a simple and easy way of earning ACP. In Faucet, we have to just solve a captcha, and it will give us randomly ACP tokens. It gives about 35 - 80 ACP per Faucet. The faucet can be used 1 time every 30 minutes. After using the Faucet once, it goes cool down for 30 minutes. So be sure to come it in every 30 minutes.

OfferWalls :

It rewards higher ACP by doing simple tasks like clicking sites, watching ads, watching videos, completing surveys, and many more. It is available in some countries only.

Tasks :

The task gives higher ACP. It rewards you for all the work done by you on the site. Such as completing 5 short links and getting 25 ACP. Complete 20 short links and get 100 ACP.

FireFaucet Review 2022 - Earn Free Bitcoin With Click Ads And Mining


PTC helps to earn free claims by watching ads for a few seconds, about 8 seconds. PTC ads are given by advertisers on their site, so they are not responsible for the site appearing in PTC. PTC rewards 50 ACP for each claim. You can't watch many ads at a time. You can watch only one ads at a time. In my opinion, it is best and easy for earning ACP.

Can I also convert my ACP?

Yes, you can convert your ACP to Cryptocurrency. It can be done by mining. For full information, click here.

What's my commission for referrals?

The referral commission given by the site is 20%. If a user registers from your referrals link and earns ACP. After he will withdraw, then you will get a 20% commission from them. And the commission amount given to you will not affect your referrals. Your referrals will get the same amount that he withdraws. It means that if your referrals withdraw 100 USD. Then you will get 20 USD as a referral commission and your referrals will receive 100 USD. But if your referrals register an account but don't work, then you will receive nothing. You can withdraw your referral commission to your FaucetPay wallet easily. The minimum amount of withdrawal depends upon the Cryptocurrency that you withdraw.

FireFaucet Review 2022 - Earn Free Bitcoin With Click Ads And Mining

Withdraw process 

The withdrawal process I have already explained above, so if you want to read it click here. The minimum withdrawal amount for mining to direct to the faucet wallet is 0.00000001 USD. It means there is no minimum withdrawal limit. But if you want to withdraw from the FireFaucet wallet to your personal wallet, then it depends upon which Cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.

How much money can you make?

The amount of money you can earn from this site depends on how much time you give to the site. It doesn't pay a lot. It is not going to improve your financial condition. It pays very low. Don't join this site if you are thinking that you will earn a lot from here. At the maximum, you can earn up to 1 - 2 USD in a day. If you want to earn more, you can invite more people from your referrals.

Can you use it on mobile?

FireFaucet Review 2022 - Earn Free Bitcoin With Click Ads And Mining

FireFaucet doesn't create any apps for mobile users, but we can use it on our mobile. It can be run easily in any browser. But on mobile, we can't zoom. So for that, we have to turn our browser into desktop mode. The desktop mode gives us many features, a Better experience, and is easy to use. We can easily zoom in to desktop mode.

Even I am a mobile user, and I am using FireFaucet many times on my mobile devices. On mobile, I experienced it better than on desktop. 

Who can join Fire Faucet?

FireFaucet is available throughout the world. Anyone can use FireFaucet from any country. But the thing that matter is the age you should be 18+ for joining the site.

Anyone can create an account on it. To create an account, you have to fill out the registration form and the FireFaucet will send a link to your email address. Just confirm it. And now you will be eligible to join the site, and you will receive 1100 ACP as a registration bonus.

Support system

The support system of this site is next level. You can contact and consultant them any time. They are ready to help 24/7 to their users. You can contact them in many ways. If you have any problems regarding withdrawal, performance, ACP, or exchange then you can contact them easily.

Our conclusion on FireFaucet

According to our review and experience, we say that it is the best site for earning. It is good for earning a minimum only. It doesn't pay high. I don't recommend you to use this site the whole day. It should be used in free time only. If you have maximum active referrals, then you can earn an acceptable amount. Anyways this site is good. Shortlink is complicated, but it is good. PTC is easy, simple, and best.

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