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Top 4 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites In 2022 - WebHunters

A guide to help you to earn free bitcoin by top 4 sites.Free BTC Mining Websites of 2022 you can't miss. #Bitcoin #Mining #FreeBitcoinMiningSites
Are you looking for the best free Bitcoin Mining Sites?

The step-by-step guide on this page will show you the 4 best free Bitcoin mining sites.

After completing this guide you will be able to mine an acceptable amount of Bitcoin for free.

This guide is made especially for beginners. I will walk you through every step, registration, wallet, sites link, and withdrawal.

If you get stuck or have questions at any point, simply send me a message and I will do my best to help you out.

My name is suraj, and I am going to give you the top 4 best free Bitcoin mining sites today. I have been working in crypto Mining, investment, crypto drops, and NFT since 2018. During that time I have worked on several sites to earn an acceptable amount of Cryptocurrency and helped hundreds of others do the same.

I know that starting earning in Cryptocurrency seems overwhelming and intimidating. This free guide is all about mining cryptocurrency for beginners and will teach you how you can become a perfect crypto miner, investor, and trader. So whether you’re 7 or 77, you can start mining bitcoin in 30 minutes. 

I am not ashamed to admit that when I was first working in crypto, Mining bitcoin, I made a ton of mistakes. You can benefit from more than a decade of my experience so that you don’t repeat these same mistakes when you start working in crypto and mining.

I created this free guide so a beginner can learn how to start mining bitcoin for free.

These 4 sites are based on 5 steps they are:- 
Step 1: Log into the site
Step 2: Click on start
Step 3: Click on start bitcoin mining
Step 4: boom you can mine 1.5 bitcoins
Step 5: Withdraw to your wallet 

Top Bitcoin Mining Websites (Trusted & Legit): Free/Paid
4 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites In 2022 || Earn BTC Without Investment

In this article, I will show you how to earn free bitcoin using the free bitcoin mining sites without investment this year 2022. Bitcoin is often described as a cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency it's like an online version of cash.

There are three main ways you can Get bitcoins. First, you can buy bitcoins using your real money. Second, you can sell products or services and let people pay you with Bitcoins. And lastly, they can be created using a phone or a computer which is known as Bitcoin mining and that's what we will be focusing on in this post. 

In this post, I will show you the four best Bitcoin mining websites and apps that work in 2022 and beyond all you need is a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection. I have also made sure that this way of making bitcoin is completely beginner friendly. I have researched for hours on the web to make sure it is legit and this works worldwide. So it doesn't matter where you live and do not miss the third website on our list because there you will be able to make the most Bitcoins.

What are the Best Free Bitcoin Mining websites?

Following are some of best free Bitcoin mining websites:

  • - Best for Its operating system, which works with legal status.

  • Stromgain - Best for Maximizing profit and minimizing downtime

NameFounding YearSupported CoinsFraud riskLink
CryptoTab Browser2018Bitcoin onlyLowLearn More
Featurepoints2012Bitcoin onlyLowLearn More
Moonbitcoins2014Bitcoin onlyMedium Learn More
Stromgain2019Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.LowLearn More

1) CryptoTab Browser

Best for Experts and Beginners.

CryptotTab Browser is the world's first Bitcoin mining application that allows their users to mine Bitcoin for free. This app is available for both android and ios devices.
This is my one of the favourite websites because of the fact this allows you to earn passive income using it.

 You don't have to be actively involved in the process because this is a bitcoin miner browser that Means if you install this browser on your computer or a smartphone you can let it run in the background it will use some of your computer resources and it will generate bitcoin for you automatically.

This browser is similar to Google Chrome. If you use this browser you will find that it looks very similar to Google Chrome. It feels the same way and it uses the same extensions as Google Chrome. All you have to do to start mining bitcoin is to install this app on your smartphone or a Computer and as mentioned earlier. This app is available for both android and ios devices.

 I will suggest you to install it on your computer as well and replace the browser you are currently using because that will maximize your earnings and give you even more profits.
4 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites In 2022 || Earn BTC Without Investment CryptotTab Browser

Here are a few reasons why users should use CryptotTab Browser as their Mining platform:
  • Cloud boost is available .
  • Simple and easy to mine .
  • Earn Bitcoin while surfing the web .
  • You can use CryptoTab on all of your devices.
  • You can use all your favorite Chrome extension.
  • You can shift to the new browser in a click.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
Best for referralsMine Bitcoin only
The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 Satoshi only
Mining speed can be increased

Key Specs:
  • Found year: 2018
  • Supported coins: Bitcoin only 
  • Minimum Investment: $2.33
  • Minimum Payouts:  1000 Satoshi 
  • Payout Frequency: Daily
  • Price: Free, paid for increase earning and referrals commission
  • Fraud risk: Low


Best for Its operating system, which works with legal status.

FeaturePoints is a mobile application that allows you to make money for completing several easy tasks. This app is available For both android and ios as well they have paid their users 5.8 million since 2012. This is a reputed app.

First of all you have to complete some micro tasks to earn some points which you can later on redeem into money. You have to  complete surveys earn, download apps and share with your friends to earn points which you can redeem later in the form of Bitcoin. You can download the app to your ios device or an android device and start earning with this app.
4 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites In 2022 || Earn BTC Without Investment
  • It's free to join.
  • Earn points by downloading games, filling out surveys, watching videos, and referring friends.
  • Points can be exchanged into Bitcoin, PayPal cash, and a variety of gift cards including Amazon, Starbucks, Xbox, and more.
  • It provides an easy way to make money.
  • You can earn 1 Token for every 20 points you earn.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
There is a huge number of offers available.Low pay
Low payout amount 5 USDNot available in some countries 
Best referrals system - Earn up to 50% commission 
Key Specs:
  • Found year: 2012
  • Supported coins: Bitcoin 
  • Minimum Payouts: 5 USD 
  • Payout Frequency: Once per day
  • Fraud risk: Low



Best for Individuals who wish to access Bitcoin mining.

Moon Bitcoins is the highest paying crypto platform offering free Bitcoin mining for free and paid. This site will need your bitcoin wallet address to log in. If you face any issue to reach this site. I suggest you to use any of the Google Chrome VPN extensions and try again. This will not affect the process and you will still be able to earn Bitcoin.

This site already have 375036 users on their platform and they have helped them to earn more than 161.6597 BTC. And we are going to take a big piece of that pie. But don't worry I will walk you through the process. When you will visit the site you can see this site has paid plans also but for now you should start with the free plan only. You can buy later on once you start earning bitcoin from the site.

Bitcoin mining is not an easy thing that is going to take a lot of computing power. And people are investing tons of thousands of dollars in computer parts just to get one Bitcoin. So for mining Bitcoin, I recommend using these sites.
4 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites In 2022 || Earn BTC Without Investment
  • Require BTC address only for log in .
  • Free Highest Bitcoin paying.
  • Claim 0.00051155 BTC per hour.
  • Claim 0.00000426 BTC on daily bonus.
  • Minimum investment is 0.12 BTC and. withdraw is 0.05 BTC.

👍Pros👎 Cons
Pay high amount of BitcoinMinimum payout is 0.05 BTC
Daily and hourly claim is available contain ads 
Require BTC address only for log in 
Key Specs:
  • Found year: 2014
  • Supported coins: Bitcoin only 
  • Minimum Investment: 0.12 BTC
  • Minimum Payouts:  0.05 BTC
  • Payout Frequency: Daily
  • Fraud risk: Medium 

4) Stromgain

Best for Maximizing profit and minimizing downtime

Stormgain is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to exchange and trade cryptocurrency and especially allows you to do something called margin trading. Now I don't want to get too much into the trading aspect right now. But simply put marching trading means if you trade with one dollar of your money you apply something called the leverage of between five and three hundred. And if you trade with a five times leverage and one dollar you would actually be trading with five dollars and if you have a 300 times leverage and you trade with one dollar you actually would be trading with 300 which means on one hand if you're right your profits are much higher on the other hand if you're wrong you stand to lose more or lose your money faster. 

But that's obviously not the core aspect of today's post 😌 but we want to focus on the free mining aspect of the stormgain website . Which includes the free Bitcoin mining option in stromgain has over 120,000 users.

  • 4 USD sign-up bonus.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Stromgain deducts low fees.
  • User-friendly interface .
  • Best referrals commission.
  • It has launched both Demo Account &. Islamic Account.

👍Pros👎 Cons
User-friendly interfaceThere are no bots for automatic trading 
20% bonus on every depositMining should be activated in every 4 hours 
It is supported by 230+ countries

Key Specs:
  • Found year: 2019
  • Supported coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.
  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Minimum Payouts: 50 USD
  • Payout Frequency: Daily
  • Price: No maintenance fees, only trading commission
  • Fraud risk: Low


Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable for the average Joe due to the extremely high prices associated with buying ASIC hardware and consuming huge amounts of electricity.

So, cloud mining sites have opened up the ways to financial backers on a budget- not least since there is no necessity to purchase any expert hardware devices.

Be that as it may, many cloud mining websites are downright a trick, and, surprisingly, then, at that point - you may be losing money on the off chance that the worth of the separate digital currency drops.

For this reason we very much want crypto investment account suppliers like Aqru. This authorized stage offers APYs of 7% on Bitcoin and Ethereum and 12% on stablecoins - with no secure up term.


❓What is Bitcoin Mining? How does it work?

Bitcoin Mining is the process of generating Bitcoin/Satoshi by installing huge hardware, ASIC hardware and GPU or by cloud mining with several websites. As well as high amount of electricity is also required. Bitcoin mining is done all-over the world.

🏅 What are the advantages of Bitcoin Mining?

Here are some pros important pros of Cloud Mining:

  • Easy to invest.
  • Provide a fast return on investment.
  • Excessive money can be utilized.
  • Anyone can start it.
  • It is reliable.

🚀 What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin Mining?

Here are the cons of Bitcoin Mining:

  • Some Bitcoin mining websites might commit fraud.
  • You have no control.
  • The site can be stopped anytime.

❗ Which Countries Mine the most Bitcoins?

These countries mini most Bitcoins:

  • China:  Mines 60% of all Bitcoins.
  • Georgia: Mines 15% of all Bitcoins.
  • US: Mines 3% of all Bitcoins.
  • Other countries: These countries mine the rest of the Bitcoins.

🏅 How to convert Bitcoin to Cash?

You can convert your Bitcoins into cash by using the below methods:

Using crypto exchanges wallet
Selling Bitcoins with your friends with real money.
Buying goods with Bitcoins and reselling goods with real money

🔒 Is Cloud Mining safe?

There is no guarantee that when sites stop working or sites commit fraud. But it happens in some cases only. So, research well before investing in any website.

Can I mine Bitcoin for free?

If you use free Bitcoin mining sites then yes, you can mine Bitcoin for free. But if you want to mining Bitcoins self you have to buy huge hardware, ASIC hardware and GPU.

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